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    Integrating the biological, cognitive, social, and ecological dimensions of life


Meet the author of the bestselling classic The Tao of Physics and coauthor of The Systems View of Life.

View a short video of the authors' Italian tour of The Systems View of Life.

Learn more about the arc of Capra’s work, from the Dance of Shiva to Leonardo’s Vitruvian Man.


Praise for The Systems View of Life :

Mark Buchanan

Contributor / NewScientist

Partly an enjoyable survey of exciting new developments in systems biology, valuable to any student of biology or science, and partly a bold blueprint for how we might preserve our future on Earth using the systems perspective on life and what sustains it.

Brian Castellani

Professor of Sociology / Kent State University

Whether you are teaching introduction to sociology or macroeconomics, cognitive psychology or cultural anthropology, microbiology or philosophy, it doesn't matter; make this textbook part of your required reading list. Our future depends upon it.

Amory B. Lovins

Chairman and Chief Scientist / Rocky Mountain Institute

The Systems View of Life is a lucid, wide-ranging guide to living maturely, kindly, and durably with each other and with other beings on the only home we have.

Frances Moore Lappé

Author / Diet for a Small Planet / EcoMind

The Systems View of Life is just what I've been waiting for! … If we are to address today's mounting crises, we must learn to see through the evidence-based lens of relationships. This work helps enormously. The Systems View of Life is a work to savor, to absorb. It will change you. In a systems view, we see there are no parts, only participants.
What possibilities it opens.

David W. Orr

Professor of environmental Studies and Politics / Oberlin College

A magisterial study of the scientific basis for an integrated worldview grounded in the wholeness that generations of one-eyed reductionists could not see. The authors succeed brilliantly!

Daniel Goleman

Author / Emotional Intelligence / Ecological Intelligence

This volume offers a profound framework for understanding our place on the planet, for better or worse. And if we apply the insights offered by Capra and Luisi, it will be for the better. The Systems View of Life should be required reading for today's young, tomorrow's leaders, and anyone who cares about life on this planet.