Capra Course and Schumacher College

Conceptual and Personal Relationships

As the Spring 2018 Capra Course on The Systems View of Life ( is about to start, I am happy to report that this (for me) new way of teaching online has been thoroughly enjoyable and inspiring. In each of the past four courses we had around 150 participants from over 50 countries around the world — a global community of systemic thinkers and activists. The discussions in our online Forum have been lively and substantial, and we have had enthusiastic testimonials from many participants.

We now have an alumni network of around 500 Capra Course participants, in which animated conversations take place, groups and projects are formed, and some alumni post short video lectures about their work. We have also had face-to-face alumni meetings in Berkeley, Santa Cruz, Paris, Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile, and in various other places.

Last month, Simon Robinson, who was with Capra Course from the very beginning (and whom you can see and hear in the Capra Course trailer) had to leave because of the increasing demands on his time as a business consultant in São Paulo, Brazil. Simon’s work as our publicist will be continued by Phoebe Tickell who joined the Capra Course team last month. Phoebe is an Associate Lecturer at Schumacher College in the UK, and since I also have a long association with Schumacher College, we decided to record a conversation about the conceptual and personal relationships between Capra Course and Schumacher College. As I explain in the conversation, my experience of transformative learning during many years of teaching at Schumacher College has been my model for designing Capra Course. I hope you will enjoy this video.