Capra Course to be launched in early 2016

course-2_1024x576I am happy to announce that Capra Course, my online course of 12 lectures, will be launched in early 2016. The course is based on my book The Systems View of Life, coauthored with Pier Luigi Luisi and published by Cambridge University Press.

I have prepared this course for over a year. The lectures were filmed last March at Amana-Key in Brazil (the executive education company I have worked with for over twenty years) in a beautiful intimate setting with a small group of diverse participants. The lectures are now being edited by the video and design team and should be ready in November.

With this course I am pursuing several goals: to spread knowledge of the systems view of life among a worldwide audience; to create a model for similar multidisciplinary courses to be offered at universities, colleges, and other institutions of learning; to allow me to reduce my travel and lecture schedule as I get older, while creating an alternative revenue stream; and finally, as a long-term goal, to build up a network of individuals and institutions who teach systems thinking and its applications for a wide range of professions — from economics and management to politics, health, education, design, and law.

To learn more about the course and to watch a five-minute trailer, please visit the course website,